Dark Moon Over Paradise

In december 2015 we released our first CD "Dark Moon over Paradise" in a limited edition of 200 copies.

You can get a copy via Discogs or by direct contact with one of us via info@gegenschein.nl. Prize: € 10 - ONLY FEW COPIES LEFT!


On the CD the following songs:


1. Lady of the Moon (4:04)


2. Beatty (3:50)


'Beatty' or 'BAY-dee', as it was called before the release of DMoP, had its Dutch premiere on radio on September 14, 2013 at LOES Studios in Echt and its international premiere on September 15, 2013 at LRM Studios in Maaseik, Belgium.

Thank you, Jos Meeuws (†) and Evert Masthoff!

The video clip, published on YouTube on November 4, 2013 was made by Henk Bril and William MacVaine.

The photographs in the clip were taken by Henk Bril during his stay in Beatty in May 2013.

Additional coverage was shot at Erna and Jelle's house near the Dutch/German border. Thanks!


3. Tequila Love (3:02)

4. Butterfly (4:06)

5. Fried Air (4:23)

6. Heimlich (3:02)

7. Alarmstufe Rot (4:15)

8. Northern Lights (3:38)

9. The Clock [Ten Past Eight] (16:54)

Alternatively, you can buy the digital tracks on Amazon.


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